Wooden Wicks

Wooden Wicks - Cosmic Green Candles
  • Clean burn only

  • Little to no carbon, soot, & debris build-up

  • 35% more fragrance throw per lighting

  • Defined ambiance - with the crackle

  • Toxin & phthalate-free

  • Wood wick candles require more maintenance than cotton wick candles. Always trim your wick before each use. 

  • You can use wick trimmers or you can use your finger as well to break off the burnt carbon from the previous burn.

Our wooden wicks are called “Booster Wicks”. They have one layer of wood that includes another layer of wood creating a line down the center of the wick. This enables a stronger burn when the wick is lit. The soy wax burns much slower so sometimes we need a little bit more flame heat to get the wax melting better!
Wooden wicks in general achieve a faster melt pool and better scent throw. Paired with soy wax these wicks are a match made in heaven. They produce a subtle crackling noise that reminds you that the candle is lit but also creates some undeniable ambiance that you can only find with a wooden wick candle.
These wicks do not produce the mushroom effect that regular cotton wicks do. They have little carbon buildup and debris. The piece of wood that was burned from a previous light leaves a little bit of carbon that must be broken off between each light. Make sure that the candle has cooled before breaking the carbon off if you are relighting it a little while after your initial burn. I like to make sure that the broken-off carbon is knocked into the trash so that the wax remains clean and clear of any debris.
Cool attributes for a wooden wick are that they are visually stunning! The horizontal flame is a better aesthetic in my opinion! Since the wicks are spread out horizontally they can use fewer wicks for what may take a double or triple wick candle to melt. 
Wooden wicks are also they MUCH cleaner choice of candle type to use. Cotton is a very pesticide-intensive crop contributing to polluting rivers and groundwater. Cotton wicks require large amounts of water, causing degradation of soil fertility, and in some cases the drying up of some of the world’s largest inland water sources - which we do not want to contribute to.
For a wooden wick to have a successful candle life, remember that the first burn is the most important! Make sure to develop a wax pool that goes from edge to edge of the jar. As the candle is being used we want to ensure a flat plane of wax for every lighting. If tunneling begins to occur, we may face a lack of oxygen for the wick which would make it difficult for the wick to stay lit. 

We are proud to be apart of the wooden wick candle community! As a company that is environmentally charged - we want a product that also matches that meaning! A wooden wick candle is a better, clean-burning, and aesthetically awesome candle! They may be more labor intensive but once you get the hang of it - it'll be all you use!

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