Wax Shrinkage

Wax Shrinkage - Cosmic Green Candles

In the winter months it's a much more noticeable thing to see wax shrinkage occur. The constant change in temperatures create annoying visuals within each soy wax candle. The plus side is you know you're buying a 100% soy wax product by some of the noticeable changes but it can look a little funky. 

Different waxes are poured at different temperatures. In my case, since the jars are clear glass, it's super important to me to get the best glass adhesion possible as well as no visual shrinkage occurring. The crappy part is my basement is one temperature, the walk to the car is one temperature and wherever the candles get to is another temperature. That's quite a lot of changing for such a small jar! Even the 12oz big guys have had trouble in the cooler months. 

Although there is no impact to the candle and how it burns or smells; it can look weird or rather not filled in completely. I prefer a super smooth finish but I can't control how the candle settles in the final spot until someone may buy it or if it gets to someones home to be burned. Luckily it's just aesthetic! 

If you cup the jar in your hands for a few minutes the wax will come back down and settle beautifully. Not the best for retail looks but it's not effecting anything at all just the look of how the wax is adhering to the jar. Personally, as the creator it drives me nuts but it is fixable in the visual sense and it's also not a huge deal whatsoever to the quality. 

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