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About Us

Celebrate every moment with Cosmic Green Candles crafted soy wax wood wick candles! For the past 6 years, Vicki has lovingly created these delightful candles in small batches, ensuring exceptional care and quality for any space or occasion.

Cosmic Green Candles is proud to be a One Tree Planted Partner. One candle sold means one tree planted. It’s simple—every time one of our candles is purchased, we donate one tree to be planted.

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Sustainable Self-Care

More Than Just Candles

Get your eco-fix with our sustainable soy candles, wooden wicks, and clean fragrance blends. Let our candles be your guide on a journey towards self-care and environmental consciousness.

Our Mission

Small Business

Woman Owned

There are so many awesome options and I love that my purchases support a Massachusetts-based, woman-owned small business! The owner is fantastic and is knowing that there's an awesome person making these great candles has sold me 100%.

— Brianna

The History


The Beginning

Cosmic Green Candles was born from a candle-making kit in the heart of my kitchen — as an escape from the relentless glare of computer screens. Fueled by encouragement from those around me, this venture became more than a mere pastime—it evolved into a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit. Here's to the dreamers and doers – who see beyond the mundane and chase the extraordinary. I hope Cosmic Green Candles lights the way for others. 🔥✨


Rough Year

When a pandemic blindsided the world, I faced an onslaught of state-mandated shutdowns and supply chain maelstroms that tested our mettle. Yet, the candles and I stood resilient, transforming challenges into stepping stones on our entrepreneurial journey together.


Slow Pace

Navigating through the ever-shifting tides of this year, I found myself at the helm of a challenging transformation. The act of handcrafting candles, once the steady beacon in my daily life, gradually took a backseat as the world handed us a pricier script to live by. I began to throttle down the production line and step back, more than my heart was willing to concede. Yet even as the wax cooled and the flames flickered less frequently, my entrepreneurial spirit never waned. Clinging tight to the wick of optimism, I stand ready to rekindle the flame and pour new life into my business when the time is right.


Design Shift

The rigors of corporate life had taken their toll on my creative spirit. In a bold move, I embarked on a journey of transformation for my brand, seeking joy in the constricted realms of creativity that my professional life afforded me. It was a renaissance period that allowed me, as a designer, to explore my interests selfishly. Yet, within the innovation, I lost sight of the foundational purpose of my brand. The end of 2022 was a realization of embracing consistency throughout my life.


Welcome Back

In the whirlwind that was 2023, I harnessed my energies, channeling them back to the heart of Cosmic Green Candles. With a renewed spirit and a steadfast belief in revival, I set out to rekindle the fire that first sparked this brand. As the year unfolded, I wove old connections back into the fabric of our story while offering a heartfelt thank you to those champions who provided me the space to explore and innovate, yet never wavering in their support. These steadfast advocates stood by as the essence of our candles — the materials, the ingredients, the mission — remained unaltered, firm in their purpose to awaken the senses and illuminate moments.


We're here!

The future is bright and shimmering with the arrival of the latest collection of candles, crafted with all of my favorite candle lovers in mind. With dedication woven into the very wicks, these new aromatic masterpieces are poised to inspire your world. I'm excited to introduce these fragrant tokens of light to your ambitious lifestyle. Enjoy!! 💜

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