Guiding light
into space

Cosmic Green Candles

Exploration through inspiration.

Explore uncharted territories of complex scents, impacts of our products on our future, educational information, and so much more! Mainly a candle brand, Cosmic Green Candles has provided insight into out-of-this-world information and products. Eco-driven and impact mindful, our candles are made with coconut soy wax and wooden wicks and include additional new products focused on ways to reduce waste. Welcome aboard!

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Planets Collection

candles seen from space

Candle Focused

Coconut soy and wooden wick candles. Air conscious and eco-driven.

Space Inspired

Explore out of this world products dedicated to space exploration and innovation.

One Tree Planted Partner

One candle sold plants one tree. We have planted 3000 trees so far on the website alone!


to limits and beyond

From Earth.
To Space.

always looking up

Brand new

Concrete Vessels

Made up of cement, air, water, sand, and gravel, these new vessels are built to withstand the heat of a candle and long time use of your next project!

Planet Collection

Mars Curiosity

Rover Inspired

Just like the Curiosity rover wheels built with cleats for traction and curved titanium springs for springy support, our vessels now include the same ridge design. The candles may not be on Mars (yet) but these ridges help dissipate heat while it burns.

Prepared with 10 instruments used to determine if Mars is capable of sustaining life. The curiosity was deployed to figure out chemicals, liquid water, and energy sources on Mars.

Wick Trimmer KitWax MelterTealightsPlasma Arc Lighter


Reduce Waste

Tools made with the earth in mind. Visit the accessories sector for tools you could use to help reduce your impact.

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