Wooden Wick Benefits

Wooden Wick Benefits - Cosmic Green Candles

Candles made with wooden wicks are a more sustainable and cleaner option than traditional candles. They burn slowly, evenly and have an excellent scent throw, all while producing a broader and lower flame. Wooden candles also require proper care; it is important to trim off any charred wood from previous burns to ensure that the flame of your candle can shine brightly. Additionally, the production of these candles is environmentally friendly as thousands of wood wicks can be produced from a single tree without creating any added, harmful features. 

Wood wicks candles offer numerous benefits with no additional environmental liabilities; for example, thousands of wood wicks can be made from one single tree. All of our wooden wicks are produced by FSC mills which means the wood is used to make the product comes from a forest which is well managed according to strict environmental, social, and economic standards.

Candles with wooden wicks offer a significantly smoother, cleaner burn compared to candles with cotton wicks. Wooden wicks do not produce the same carbon residue as candles with cotton wicks, although they will eventually accumulate some ash at the tip of the wick. This can easily be removed by pinching off the blackened tip so that candles using wooden wicks look and smell like new each time you enjoy their pleasant ambiance and aroma.

Wooden wick candles do take practice and patience to learn all of the best methods to keep the candle lit. Our suggestion lies in the tilting of the jar or vessel just enough to get the wax moving away from the wick as you are lighting it. Just like a campfire - wooden wicks take time to catch but as you see the flame crawling across the wick or hear a bit of crackling, you'll know it's time!

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