Coconut Soy Wax & Wooden Wick Benefits

Coconut Soy Wax & Wooden Wick Benefits - Cosmic Green Candles

Candles are timeless; nothing quite captures the ambiance of a room like a flickering flame! Our candles received a modern makeover with the introduction of coconut soy wax and wooden wicks. Coconut soy candles boast an even cleaner burn compared to their paraffin counterparts, emitting a lower amount of soot into the air for a healthier environment.

Wooden wicks provide an inviting crackle to mimic the wood flames from open fires, while also providing superior scent throw due to the optimized heat distribution they offer–evenly spreading out candles fragrances to fill up any space. Not just aesthetically pleasing, advancements in candles have drastically ameliorated its overall effectiveness, too.

Candles can be a beautiful addition to any room, but the health of your family and pets should always come first. Burning candles made with cleaner organic or soy wax candles offer an alternative solution to keeping the air free from pollutants that traditional candles create.

Making the switch to cleaner candles is a safe and easy way you can improve your family’s atmosphere while still having a pleasant fragrance in your home. Not only will it benefit their respiratory systems, clean candles are centered around protecting the environment as well - something that everyone, including our four-legged friends, can appreciate!

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