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Jar Refill or Recycle

Looking to give a second life to your used candle jar or recycle your used candles?

Calling all eco-conscious consumers!



Done with your candle?! You might want to get it refilled and keep the party going! We totally get it! We hope that by offering a refill service, you'll be able to get even more time together. Candle refilling services involve refilling used candle containers with new wax. The process typically involves melting down the remaining wax in the container, cleaning the container, and shipping it to us! This can be a cost-effective way to continue using a favorite candle container, rather than having to purchase a new candle. 

  • Refills are to amber glass 16 oz jars only
  • Jars must be cleaned and ready for refill
  • Original scent purchased will be the refill to your jar
  • We'll help you with this process over email just to make sure you pack your jar safely and have everything ready for refill!
  • The process can take up to 2 weeks to be returned
  • The discount and shipping rates will be included on the invoice you recieve
  • Once your invoice is paid, we'll refill the jar and ship it out!


Ready to say goodbye to your candle jar? We hope the candles did amazing in your space! We now offer the ability to recycle your glass jars! Once you have 4 glass jars available to recycle, you can request a return label on your next order to get those shipped back to us!

Return your cleaned, empty candle jars and receive $1 in store credit for every jar returned (minimum of 4) towards your next purchase. 

We'll recycle the returned jars to reuse during our testing processes, which will help to cut down on the amount of new jars needed for candle testing. The recycled jars won't be used in new inventory but they're an important part of our ongoing testing to ensure our candles burn safely.

  • On your next order once you have 4 amber jars ready, just request a return label in your order notes on the cart/checkout page
  • Make sure to clean your jars and let us know if you need some pointers on packing them safely to return. We cannot credit broken jars!
  • Once they get back to us! We'll send you an email with the credit towards your account and a BIG thank you for helping us recycle!

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