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Candle Tool Kit

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Experience the ultimate candle care with our stunning and versatile tool set. Our sleek and functional kit includes a wick trimmer, snuffer, and dipper, transforming your candle rituals from start to finish. Elevate your candle experience with our must-have tool set that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

Trimmer ‣ Discover a clean burn with our wick trimmer, effortlessly clipping away excess ash.

Snuffer ‣ Achieve instant extinguishment with our snuffer by placing the dome head over the flame.

Dipper ‣ As a smoke-free alternative, our dipper allows you to submerge and adjust your wick with ease.

Put the candle snuffer on the lit wick for a few seconds. Without oxygen, the flame is unable to stay lit. This will help avoid black smoke or soot from escaping into the air when the candle is extinguished. 

Use a wick trimmer to clean and cut the wick to prevent soot. Trimming the wick also protects the candle wick and extends its life. The small groove at the top of the scissors prevents the ember residue from falling into the candle. Trimmers take time to break in. The more it's used, the better it becomes!

A wick dipper is used to straighten bent wicks. A dipper is also used to immerse the wick in the wax to extinguish the candle but remember to position the wick back up or the wax will dry the wick within itself.

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