Reed Diffusers vs. Candles

Reed Diffusers vs. Candles - Cosmic Green Candles

Coupled with candles, reed diffusers make for a great combination of home fragrance solutions. While candles have the flame and wooden wick to give off more intense fragrances and create an atmosphere, reed diffusers provide sustained scent release over time. This helps keep your house smelling fresh throughout the day - even when candles aren’t burning.

Unlike candles, reed diffusers are safer as they do not pose any health risks and do not require any flames or open fire. For those living in small apartments or places where candles are prohibited for safety reasons, reed diffusers can still be used to add a pleasant aroma to the space without worrying about a candle flame's hazards.

Reed diffusers can be placed in hard-to-reach areas where candles cannot reach and still spread their scent. This makes them perfect for closets, bathrooms, and other enclosed spaces you want to keep smelling fresh. When used in combination with candles, reed diffusers offer a complete home fragrance solution that is safe and long-lasting.

Given the differences between candles and reed diffusers, you may find that the best choice is to use both. Candles will provide a more intense scent when lit, while reed diffusers can be used in enclosed spaces or areas where candles are not allowed and provide sustained scent release throughout the day. Ultimately, candles and reed diffusers together offer a complete home fragrance solution that’s safe and long-lasting.

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