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As a small business, the marketing budget can be tricky, but apparel items are one of the best ways to make a memorable impression and increase brand recognition (within budget!). CGC uses Sticker Mule for their apparel.

When there are live market events, apparel significantly impacts getting the logo front and center. During the retail side of the business - when deliveries occur to restock shelves, what's a better way to make a silent point? A logo visual on your shirt! We love it! Sticker Mule makes it too easy! We're sharing how to get your business some affordable and memorable marketing!


Having your company logo appear prominently on apparel creates an immediate connection between you and potential customers. They'll instantly recognize who you are and what your business does without having to read through long descriptions or websites, making it much easier for them to remember you when they need your services or products. Plus, having people wear apparel with your logo is like free advertising for your business!

Apparel also works as promotional items for giveaways or rewards programs, encouraging customer loyalty. The best part is that people are always happy to receive free clothing items with unique designs, so this is an easy way to ensure they remember who gave it to them. Not to mention how excited they will be when they show off their stylish new gear!


Creating custom t-shirts with Sticker Mule is simple - all you need to do is select a shirt color, choose a quantity of each size you require, upload your artwork, and select a print position. These shirts are perfect for live market events, networking, or even just rocking during a day of errands for some brand visibility while you're on the move. 

Sticker Mule makes it easier than ever to turn any design into custom t-shirts. Printed in full color on 100% ring spun cotton, they're incredibly comfortable and look fantastic. How do you make the process even better? By making it super simple to order them online!

You can use anything from photos, drawings, or logos – whatever you want! Shortly after checking out, you will get an online proof showing exactly how your customized tees will look. If you don't like what you see, no worries - you can request changes to the proof for free until you're happy with the design.


If you're looking for kick-ass custom t-shirts printed in full color on 100% ring spun cotton for incredible comfort, look no further than Sticker Mule - the best solution for small business owners or individuals who need personalized apparel in a snap! 

Creating custom t-shirts​ with Sticker Mule is simple. You've got color options, sizes, print placements, and the best customer support for creating your next marketing tactic for your small business. 

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