Is there a right way to use a candle?

Is there a right way to use a candle? - Cosmic Green Candles

When it comes to a candle burning, the key is getting the first burn just right. And that means you must let your candle burn for a few hours - depending on its size - until the top layer of wax has turned into liquid. This ensures that your candle will burn evenly without leaving unmelted wax behind.

If you don’t give your candle time for this initial melt pool step, it won't be able to do its job as effectively or efficiently - so take the time to get it right! Your candle will thank you later. 

Nothing beats a perfect candlelit moment, and with some knowledge of how they work, you can make them last even longer! So remember: The first burn is crucial to candle-burning success. Give it the time it needs, and your candle will reward you later by staying in it's best possible mood for every occasion.

Dive deeper into candle-burning knowledge with these tips:

- Trim the wick before each use – this helps keep your candle flame under control.

- Keep an eye on the burn pool – watch for a wax pool that runs to the edge of the candle's container (we want edge to edge to avoid tunneling).

- Rotate your candle and never leave it unattended while lit – this ensures an even burn throughout its life.

- Burn in short intervals – don’t let your candle burn continuously for too long, or else you run the risk of it tunneling down.

- Burn your candle for 2-4 hours at a time to get the best possible use out of your candle.

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