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Scented candles are a great way to add ambiance and bring an inviting scent into your home. However, candles can lose their scent over time if not stored properly. In this blog we'll take a look at the various scent types and proper storage for the best possible scent experience out of your candle. To make sure your candles last and remain fragrant, it's essential to take the proper steps during candle making and storage.

When making candles, use only high-quality waxes and fragrance oils that will burn at the appropriate temperatures for an extended period. This ensures that the scent won't break down or dissipate efficiently in warmer climates or if used frequently.

Candles can be scented with essential, natural, or synthetic fragrance oils. Essential oils are the most common choice for scenting candles because of their natural properties and ability to last longer than other options. Natural fragrance oils are also popular and tend to have fewer artificial ingredients than synthetics. Synthetic fragrance oils are more concentrated than essential and natural fragrances, meaning you don't need as much to achieve the desired scent level.

When it comes to proper storage, store candles away from direct sunlight or heat sources like radiators, which can cause the fragrance molecules to break down quicker than usual. The ideal place to store candles is in a calm, dark area, such as inside a cupboard or drawer. This will protect the candles from direct light, heat, and humidity - all of which can cause them to lose their scent faster. By taking these steps when making and storing candles, you'll be able to enjoy their inviting aromas for extended periods. With proper care and attention, candles can bring an alluring scent into your home that lasts!

Make sure to use your candles regularly to retain their scent. If you don't plan on using a candle immediately, consider gifting it to someone who will enjoy its fragrance. With these tips for candle making and storage, you can keep enjoying your candles for longer!

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