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When it comes to candle safety, the rule of thumb is this: Be smart and be aware. Burning candles can release toxic chemicals like benzene, toluene, and phthalates into the air which are known to cause cancer or other health problems if inhaled in large amounts. Studies have been conducted that show candles in a well ventilated area cause less harm than promoted. Just be smart on how you use your candle, what's inside, and how your body reacts to the scents.


Smell is a powerful sense and can have an unexpected effect on your health. For those who suffer from osmophobia, candle scents are often a common irritant as they may trigger a migraine or headache. If you're sensitive to smells, it's wise to be mindful of candle fragrance and instead opt for scent-free candles. This will help minimize the risk of developing discomfort due to any potential triggers that could worsen a migraine or headache.


People with allergies or asthma may be particularly vulnerable to candle chemicals. Fragrances in candles can irritate inflamed airways and trigger flare-ups, while paraffin wax also releases potentially harmful chemicals when burned. Those with allergies or asthma should take extra care and perhaps opt for candle alternatives that don't produce smoke or strong scents.


To maintain good health while enjoying the comfort of candlelight, opt for soy or beeswax candles made from natural ingredients. By taking these simple precautions, candle burning can be an enjoyable experience without compromising your health.

If you want the safest candle option, look no further than coconut soy candles (yes, CGC is with coconut soy wax). Coconut soy candles are made with coconut soy wax instead of paraffin wax, so they’re free from any harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, formaldehyde, phthalates, and PET. Plus, since coconut soy wax is biodegradable and renewable, these candles are more eco-friendly than other candle types.


To ensure you’re not putting your health at risk when burning a candle, make sure your candle-burning area is well-ventilated and that you’re not burning for extended periods of time. If you notice any strange odors or soot buildup near the candle flame, put it out immediately and move to a better-ventilated location. Remember to check the ingredients on the back and if they don't list what they're made with - move on to the next one.

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