Lighters or Matches?

Lighters or Matches? - Cosmic Green Candles

Wood Wicks can be temperamental in the amount of heat and flame they need to get started. When it comes to lighting candles, lighters are often the way to go. While matches can work in a pinch, they tend to have smaller flames and can be harder to use.

Lighters produce a larger and stronger flame that will get your wick burning quickly. Plus, the adjustable gas nozzle on many lighters allows you to customize the size of the flame for even better control. So, if you’re looking for an easy and efficient way of setting your candles alight, try using a lighter instead of a match!

To ensure your wooden wick candle burns efficiently, it is important to understand the proper technique for lighting it. While a match can be used, we recommend using a lighter instead as it may take up to 20 seconds and two to three tries for the flame to penetrate the wood.

To start, make sure your wooden wick is cut at about 1/4 inch tall. From there, you can either use a long match or lighter to ignite the candle. Start at one corner of the wick and if it isn't catching fire, slowly drag the flame across the top of it until you see the corner begin to burn. Once lit, you should see flames spread out evenly along its width as it consumes fuel from within your candle. With a bit of patience and practice, you'll be able to properly light your wooden wick candle every time.

Keep in mind, as a product made of wood - there is an imperfect system at play! When the wood is cultivated and pressed to be used as a wick, it may not have released all of the water out of the wood before making its way to your candle. The fun part of the crackling from a wood wick, is in fact the water getting to a boiling temperature and popping, but the water can also make for a tough time getting the wick to start when lit. Patience is key, as well as practice!

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