Wax Sachet

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Wax Sachet! The natural air freshener! Perfect for hanging up to create a lovely scent throughout the room. These handmade Wax Sachets are all different and unique in each way. Made with real pressed flowers, these natural air fresheners can last up to 1-2 months depending on how and where they are used!

Wax Sachet air fresheners can be extremely fragile. Once you find a place you would like to hang it up - try not to move it around too much!


Made with soy wax and pressed flowers with essential oils.

Available in three shapes: Oval, Diamond, Square

Available in three scents: Honey & Jasmine, Roses, Rosemary

  • Do not leave in direct heat or sunlight (it will melt!!)
  • Not intended for use outside or in warmer regions
  • Not for vehicles (although that would be cool) 
  • If it does begin to soften, place in fridge or freezer to harden
  • This item plants one tree