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Get ready to light up your world with matchstick magic! Our amazing matches will bring a fiery glow to any occasion. Hand-filled with love in our studio, these little heroes come in cute corked vials with a built-in match striker. And guess what? Each bottle contains 20 matches!

Ignite the fun and let the sparks fly with our fantastic matchstick collection.

When it comes to using matches, there are a few key things you don't want to forget:

First, remove the match from the vial and close it with a cork or cap. Hold the match in your dominant hand, and get ready to light it up!

To light the match, you'll want to strike the head against the phosphorus striker on the side of the vial. Make sure you do this swiftly and away from your body. Safety first, always!

Now, let's talk about these matches. They're not your average wooden matches that can be used anywhere. These are for single use only. So make sure you dispose of them properly after the flame is out.

And one more thing, keep these matches away from children and pets. Safety is super important!

Let's keep it fun and safe. Light it up with caution!

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