Lemon Reed Diffuser

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Consciously sourced lemon essential oil reed diffuser - a revitalizing blend of green, piney notes with a delightful touch of sweetness. This vibrant oil is extracted from juicy, cold-pressed rinds, distilled to perfection and infused with the enriching essence of witch hazel. For centuries, it has been cherished for its ability to combat exhaustion, uplift mood, enhance skin complexion, and boost brain function. Let this invigorating aroma transform your space and rejuvenate your senses.

  • 4 fluid oz
  • Averages 2-3 months, depending on the environmental conditions of your space. Remember to flip the sticks regularly to extend product lifespan.

Carefully remove the lid. Position the bottle on a level surface and insert the 4 reed sticks into the fragrance oil.

Flip the reeds so the saturated ends are exposed and place the dry ends of the reeds into the bottle.

Allow 24 hours for the fragrance to absorb into the reeds fully.

At any time, you may freshen and increase the scent by flipping the reeds.

This product is flammable.

Diffuser oil should not be ingested.

Please use care as the oils can stain wooden surfaces, fabric, etc.

Diffusers should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

Do not place it in direct sunlight.

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