Cinnamon & Vanilla

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Cinnamon and Vanilla candles are the perfect way to bring excitement and warmth into your home this fall season. You take the full-bodied scent of wild cinnamon and combine it with the sweet and creamy essences of vanilla for a truly unique scent - distinct from any other cinnamon fragrance. From the moment you light your candle, the mouthwatering essence fills the air, daring you to resist its allure! This delightful fragrance will have you entranced all season long.

Available in 9oz

Small batch production

Made in Massachusetts

Top ◆ Clove, Cinnamon

Middle ◆ Cream

Base ◆ Vanilla

The complete melt pool is achieved after 2-4 hours.

Apply heat to the wooden wick for up to 10 seconds.

Wooden wick candles can take up to 3 tries to light.

Trim the wick in between uses to optimize the wick's ability to relight with fresh wood.

Do not leave the candle unattended.

Do not place near furniture or drafts.

Do not move the candle once lit.

Remember to extinguish the candle after use.

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