Giving Back is Simple

Good Planets Are Hard To Find

For us, giving back isn't just about planting trees - it's about creating a way for people to actively lend a hand in solving this global issue without having to break the bank or take a lot of time out of their day-to-day lives. We want everyone who buys from us to feel confident that they are contributing something positive back into the world—and with just $1 per purchase, we can make an incredible impact on our environment together!

Sustainable Impact With Cosmic Green Candles

One Candle One Tree

By purchasing a candle from us, you're spreading light in more ways than one! Through your purchase we've been able to plant trees all over the map - India, California and even British Columbia have benefited. Help spread some sparkle!

Small Business

Vicki is an eco-friendly trail blazer, proudly crafting a beautiful sustainable brand that radiates creativity. This badass boss babe isn't shy about challenging the status quo - she's determined to keep success in her sights and make it happen!


Eco-friendly candles mean a safer, cleaner home. And when the wick has burned out, don’t be sad – take that empty jar of wax and turn it into a snazzy planter for some lucky plants to call their own.

Pet Friendly

Coconut soy wax and wooden wick candles are a great alternative to the commercial paraffin candles and are safe for you and your pets. Not only are these candles better for you and your pet, they're better for the environment!

Purpose Driven Products

We are so excited to share our candles with you! We have been handcrafting soy candles for 5 years in small batches, ensuring that every one of them is made with the utmost care and quality. Our candles feature wooden wicks that create a cozy, crackling effect as it burns - perfect for setting the mood for any occasion! Plus, our candles are made with sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Thanks to everyone's support, the CGC team has been able to do some amazing things for Mother Nature! We've offset over 16 thousand pounds of CO2 - that's enough power to keep 745 lightbulbs glowing and saved 248 feet from melting Arctic ice.

As part of our mission to reduce our environmental footprint, we partner with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every candle sold. So when you buy one of our candles, you can feel great knowing that you’re helping us make a positive impact on the planet! Buy your candles from us today and help create brighter days both inside and outside your home. Thank you for helping us light the way toward sustainability! Let's start by exploring all the candles we offer at Cosmic Green Candles!