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Candle Care


  • Place on a heat resistant surface before lighting!

For the first light make sure to have enough time where the wax is able to make a complete melt pool inside the jar. You will run the risk of creating a poor second light or crappy scent throw if the first light isn't followed with this instruction.

  • Please make sure for every light that you have enough time from between 2-4 hours. If it exceeds 4 hours it may cause the wood wick to become too saturated from a deeper melt pool! That may cause a headache the next time you go to light the candle.
  • Keep the candle away from anything flammable! Curtains, plants or clothes etc! I would hate to see a relaxing experience turn into a disaster! 


The first burn of your wood wick is the most important in determining how well the wick will perform for the rest of the candle's life. The 2 hour recommended burn time has been tested to ensure a full melt pool! Do this every time so that you avoid tunneling. If the wick becomes too far down with no oxygen it will not stay lit. Make sure to extinguish the candle at about 4 hours to avoid a deep melt pool that can drown the wick! That would be a tough relight the next time you go to use your candle.


Just like a cotton wick, a wood wick must be trimmed in order to perform at their best. Keep the wick trimmed between 1/8” and 3/16” so the wax can be drawn across the wick evenly and effortlessly. When the wick is too long is can have a hard time lighting. If you find that the wick is too long just use some nail clippers to bring the wick down a bit more or check out our wick trimmers in the online store! 


As you go through the process of burning your candle for the first time you will notice the burnt wick leftover after the candle has been extinguished. A build up of carbon on your wick can contribute to a flame burning low or not burning to the best of its ability. To keep the candle clean in appearance, make sure to throw the broken off carbon into the trash before relighting your candle the next time. 


Just like a campfire a wood wick can take a few tries to light! Don't get discouraged! Make sure to tilt the jar at an angle and allow 15-20 seconds of quick counting with the flame to the wick. This will allow the flame to draw across the wick and create a nice even light.