Space Brittle - Cosmic Green Candles - Wax Melt

Space Brittle

Scent: Vanilla
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Grab a little piece of space! This style of wax melt can be broken up to be placed in your melter. Made with coconut soy wax and space glitter. The brittle is available in a black and white marble color.

Top ◆ Buttercream

Middle ◆ Cake, Vanilla

Base ◆ Sugar, Bourbon

Place a small amount of brittle in your wax melter.

Follow wax melter directions for guidance on how to use the product.

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Brace for impact

Barringer Crater

The Barringer Meteorite Crater formed from the impact of an iron-nickel asteroid at an estimated speed of 26,000 mph right into Arizona.

This impact proved to be an essential turning point for advances in geology and astronomy. Geologists and astronomers made strides towards understanding the dynamic interplay of gradual and cataclysmic geologic (change to Earth's surface) processes both on Earth and on extraterrestrial bodies (objects outside of Earth).

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